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“The song craft I learned from your classes has transformed my workflow. I'm able to write swiftly and consistently now. Enjoying the journey!!! “ - Christopher Jones, music instructor

"Your course has revolutionized how I approach not just lyrics but songwriting in general. I can't thank you enough for sharing your wisdom." - DJ Fantasia

“The first video on ‘Core Idea’ in itself is worth the price of admission! It’s exactly the information that I’ve been searching for to help me zero in on this new song concept I am super excited about. Thank you!!” - Robb Smith, producer


My students and clients have had placements in primetime and daytime television, movies, artist cuts, commercials, and thousands of plays on Spotify. Join in and see how far your songs can go!

My goal is to take you from the very first moment of inspiration to a complete song you can pitch to the music industry and share with listeners.

You'll find the information you need in the courses, and the support you want in private consultations with a pro or in peer-to-peer workshops where you'll give and get feedback.

Whether you're pitching to the Film & TV market, hit radio, or social media, I've got you covered.

"Meeting you and taking your course really changed my life! I'm now more empowered with my writing and following through on getting things done with a plan of action." - Whitney Wright, former songwriter with Warner Bros. Music